Hôtel** - Restaurant LES VOYAGEURS Saint-Renan

L’hôtel** Les Voyageurs à Saint-Renan


Our hotel ** located in Saint-Renan is composed of many rooms that can accommodate from 1   up to 6 people, is  ideally located 20 minutes from Brest and its airport. Located in the historical district of the town of Saint-Renan, the hotel will enable you to spend a pleasant and relaxing stay in the medieval city. Guests staying at the Hotel can enjoy a breakfast in the room or in the restaurant area of the Hotel.

The Hotel offers equipped TVs in all rooms, a closed garage, private parking and free wifi in all its rooms;

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The Bistro and the Hotel are both part of the Hotel.

En effet, le restaurant propose une cuisine du terroir, entièrement maison, avec des produits locaux. La chef, Barbara Laurent s’inspire des saisons pour renouveler une carte présentant des saveurs terres & mers fidèle à la culture bretonne.

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Le Bistrot in Saint-Renan offers a space where you can enjoy drinks. You can also have dinner with specially prepared dishes for you. The special menu differs from the restaurant menu, directly attached to the Hotel ** Les Voyageurs.